What is A Garfield County Precinct Committee Person?

If you have ever considered stepping into a more active political role then serving on the Garfield County Republican Central Committee may be the opportunity you are looking for.

For those unfamiliar with the Republican Party organization, Central Committee  Precinct Committee persons represent their precinct voters in the Garfield County Republican Central Committee.  Duties typically include:

    • Attendance at GARFIELD County Central Committee meetings;
    • Distribution of REPUBLICAN nominee literature/lawn signs within the precinct;
    • Providing recommendations for election judges; and
    • Host your precinct caucus meeting
    • Recruiting and mobilizing volunteers in connection with REPUBLICAN voter registration and  REPUBLICAN GOTV (get-out-the-vote) activities of the Republican Party.

To qualify for one of these seats, you must be a registered Republican in Garfield County residing in the precinct and be elected by your peers at your Garfield County Republican hosted Precinct Caucus Meeting  (March 6, 2018).  Two persons are elected to serve for the following two years.


The Garfield County Central Committee elects their Executive Committee in the odd numbered years.   The Exec Committee is comprised of a Chair,  3 Vice Chairs,  Treasurer,  Secretary and Bonus Members when applicable

Duties of the Exec Committee typically included:

    • Sit on the county commissioners vacancy committee
    • Participate and attend  Garfield County Central Committee meetings
    • Attendance at GOP State Central Committee 3 per election cycle (comprised of all colorado county ex committee members)
    • Coordinate/attend  precinct caucus and county assemblies and attend district/state assemblies – 1 each per election cycle
    • Join on-line state headquarters training webinars and conference calls for GOTV and all other gop activities
    • Coordinate Garfield County  GOTV and precinct walks for general election
    • Attend republican monthly luncheon
    • Coordinate Lincoln day dinner and other republican voter events
    • Attend nominee gatherings across the county
    • Fostering relationships of party members county wide
    • Treasurer keeps contribution /spending records /pays bill and turned in quarter reports to SOS
    • Secretary takes minutes / files official paper work/ keep republican  records.