Meet Our 2024 Republican Candidates

Perry Will, Garfield County Commissioner, District 2

My name is Perry Will, and I am currently representing you at the Colorado General Assembly as State Senator for Senate District 5. It is time to bring my knowledge and experience working at the State Capitol and use it for the benefit of Garfield County.

My entire career has been dedicated to public service for Coloradoan’s. Working for Division of Wildlife/Colorado Parks and Wildlife led me into a variety of diverse policy arenas on the Western Slope. During that time, I effectively worked with various ideological and political backgrounds on multiple contentious issues. My reputation at the Capitol as a problem solver is evidenced by a list of meaningful bills passed during the most divisive times.

As County Commissioner my priorities include Affordable Housing, Public Lands and Federal Government mandates, the local economy, more jobs, offering workforce development, transportation issues, West Slope water, affordability of living on the West Slope of Colorado, I love Garfield County and its residents, this is my home and my family’s home, a great place to raise a family.

Mike Samson, Garfield County Commissioner, District 3

I am Mike Samson, your current county commissioner for Garfield County District 3. I am in my 16 th year as one of your elected commissioners. I am still as honored today to serve as as I was on the first day elected to this office. I sincerely ask for your continued support and confidence in my run for re-election. It appears that our national and state governments have not done a good job on many fronts. I confidently state that Garfield County is in good shape. Leaders in county governments throughout the U.S. deal with issues such as : preserving public lands for public and multiple use, development of all kinds of energy with natural gas a vital part, transportation within our valley, water (emphasis on Shoshones Permanency), communication – Broadband, and the local economy. My main focus is the health, safety, and welfare of Garfield County citizens. I believe that Garfield County has been governed wisely, efficiently, and effectively for these past many years and hope that you feel the same. I, therefore, ask you to again support me for Garfield County District 3 Commissioner.

Caleb Waller, Colorado House, District 57

Silt resident Caleb Waller is not your typical Republican. The father of seven shares many of the conservative values that many on the right look for in a candidate, but he’s also willing to reach across the aisle and will listen to what democrats and other community members – even those who may not vote for him – have to say.

Now Caleb has declared his candidacy for House District 57, opposing Elizabeth Velasco.

Waller supported the Flying M Ranch development and is a supporter of the oil and gas industry, which provides the county with the majority of its revenue and is helping to offset the property taxes of homeowners in the county. Waller acknowledges that oil and gas will not last forever and says that the county needs to have a new perspective and new leadership moving forward.


Ben Sollars, CO Judicial District 9, includes Garfield Co.

My name is Ben Sollars, the Republican candidate for District Attorney in the 9th Judicial District. With over two decades of experience as a prosecutor, I am eager to bring my passion for justice, unwavering commitment to public safety, and servant leadership approach to the forefront of our community.

With 20 years of dedicated service as a prosecutor, I have honed my skills and expertise, gaining a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of our legal system. This experience positions me as the ideal candidate for the role of District Attorney.

The safety of our community is paramount. I am committed to implementing comprehensive strategies that prioritize the safety and well-being of every resident. By collaborating with law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and other stakeholders, I aim to create an environment where everyone will feel secure.

I firmly believe in a victim-centered approach to prosecution and leadership. Empathy and compassion must be at the forefront when addressing the needs of those who have experienced harm. By placing victims at the center of our efforts, we prioritize victim well-being, build trust and support, and minimize re-traumatization.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as District Attorney and contribute to the well-being of our community. If elected, I pledge to maintain the momentum of my last 7 years as the First Assistant under District Attorney Jefferson Cheney, bringing a wealth of experience, and an unwavering dedication to the principles of justice, safety, and compassion.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I am looking forward to further discussions regarding my vision for the Office of District Attorney, 9th Judicial District.

Jeff Hurd, Congress, Colorado’s 3rd CD

Jeff Hurd is a Colorado native, a husband, a father of five, and an attorney committed to his community and to improving life in rural Colorado.

Jeff’s running for the 3rd Congressional District because he feels western and southern Colorado deserve a sincere, authentic, and hardworking Congressman. Someone who cares about policy and and who wants rural Colorado to thrive. Someone focused on doing something instead of just being someone.

Jeff grew up in Grand Junction, and after high school went to college and eventually law school. His career brought him to New York, where he worked with and against some of the brightest minds in law. In 2014, Jeff returned home to western Colorado with his wife, Barbora, to raise their family.

Since returning home, Jeff has built a law practice focused on rural Colorado. For years he has worked with—and advocated for—rural hospital districts, fire districts, school districts, and broadband internet providers. Most of his work involves serving the public ­Jeff has also served the Grand Junction business community and the broader Colorado legal community in various leadership roles.

Curtis McCracken, Congress, Colorado’s 3rd CD

Curtis McCrackin, a prominent business owner from Delta County, is vying for the Republican nomination in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Over the past two decades, he has successfully managed multiple real estate and construction businesses in the Surface Creek Valley. Additionally, he played a role in the management of Delta Surgical Associates alongside his wife, Dr. Laura McCrackin, dealing with the challenges that arose post the Affordable Care Act’s implementation.

McCrackin’s campaign is centered on key priorities, including advocating for fiscal responsibility within the federal government, emphasizing the separation of church and state, curbing federal overreach, and preserving the cherished way of life in Western Colorado, which encompasses access to clean air and water.

According to McCrackin, one of the most pressing issues facing Western Colorado voters in 2024 is the inflation stemming from excessive spending in the American Rescue Plan Act and subsequent monetary policies that have led to rising interest rates.

Stephen Varela, Congress, Colorado’s 3rd CD

My name is Stephen Varela, and I’m a battle-tested conservative running to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. I’m running for the future of Colorado, and for the future of our nation. When I hear young people say they are not proud to be Americans, it breaks my heart. I want to stand for American greatness and common-sense conservative policies in Congress. That’s why I decided to run.

I’m a veteran, a family man, and a community activist. I served four years in the Army and four more in the Colorado Army National Guard (COARNG). My service included two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in active combat. My service gave me a tremendous appreciation and passion for our veterans.

While serving in the Colorado Army National Guard, I attended Colorado State University-Pueblo, and graduated with a Bachelors in Sociology and a minor in Chicano studies. I later obtained a Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California.

Lew Webb, Congress, Colorado’s 3rd CD

“As a common sense patriot, I’m running to secure our borders, tackle inflation, protect our freedoms, and make life more affordable for our families.“ -Lew

Faith, family, hard and honest work, love of country, and a belief that community, not government, should be the first responder to those in need define Lew Webb’s life. With his wife of almost 39 years, Laura, and surrounded by their four daughters, sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren, Lew has made southwest Colorado his home for 24 years.

With SW Colorado’s landscape shifting away from the conservative values that drew him here, Lew is taking a stand. Running for Congress in Colorado’s 3rd District, he is committed to fighting for his community  against governmental overreach, to secure our borders, provide relief for working families, and to protect the freedoms that define the American way of life for our ranchers, farmers and small businesses, the life blood of our economy. With great business success coupled with a deep commitment to his community, Lew will deliver a powerful dose of Common-Sense values to Washington for his grandkids and for yours.

Candidates for CO-Senate District 5 and CO-House District 57

Marc Catlin, Colorado Senate, District 5

Marc Catlin is running to serve as the Colorado State Senator for District 5 (SD5). Senate District 5 is comprised of 7 counties: Delta, Eagle, Garfield, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, and Pitkin counties.

Currently, Marc Catlin serves as the State Representative for House District 58. Representative Catlin is currently serving his second year of his fourth term. The 2022 election cycle brought new counties to the 58th district. Colorado’s new 58th district will include Delta, Dolores, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montezuma, Montrose, San Miguel, and Ouray Counties. Prior to 2022, which is when the redistricting took effect, the counties that made up the 58th district were: Dolores, Montezuma, Montrose and San Miguel.

Marc was born and raised in Montrose, Colorado, where he has spent most of his life on the family farm. The 5th District has always been his home.