Colorado Primaries Are Over, Now What?

By Gregg Rippy
On Tuesday, June 28, Garfield County voters finished turning in their ballots for Colorado primary races, solidifying the roster of candidates for the upcoming mid-term election in November. With the primaries over, what do we do now? Just wait until the stream of candidate and election issue flyers fill our mailboxes daily?

There is no reason to wait until October to find out about the slate of Republican candidates. The Garfield County Republican Executive Committee has prioritized making its website a valuable communication tool for voters. We’ve refreshed the look with streamlined graphic design, included a quick-to-read events calendar, and are consistently adding information about the candidates. Go to to learn about candidates’ positions on issues, attend events or contact them personally.

On the homepage, you’ll notice a dynamic new logo along with the tagline that reads: Garfield County Republicans Winning Freedom for All. Our party represents a diverse group of individuals of all ages, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations. We encourage robust dialogue on a range of issues. Our mission as we approach the 2022 midterm elections is to restore the American Dream by winning every seat that is up for election in Garfield County.

I am often cited saying that all politics are local. It’s true, and nowhere more so than in a rural county like ours. The people who are running for elected office are, in fact, our neighbors. They put themselves out there because they are drawn to service. I encourage you to read about them on the website, attend an event and ask them questions. If you’re comfortable with the candidate’s position on the issues, I would encourage you to volunteer on their campaign or help them out with a donation.

A person who deserves credit for running a secure and accurate election is Jean Alberico, a Democrat who has served for four terms, as Garfield County Clerk and Recorder. It may come as a surprise that I would tout the accomplishments of a member of an opposing political party, but I call ‘em like I see ‘em, regardless of affiliation. While other counties experienced anomalies in their elections, Garfield County did not.

Before Jean became Garfield County Clerk, she worked in the clerk’s office under the tutelage of her predecessor, Mildred Alsdorf, a Republican. Similarly, Jackie Harmon, a Republican, is seeking to replace Jean after she retires in 2022. Because Jackie has worked in the office for 20 years, she has all the experience and training for a seamless transition in leadership. With her qualifications, Jackie Harmon is the common-sense choice to be our next county clerk.

One of our greatest civic privileges is the ability to be informed and to vote. Visit the revamped Garfield County GOP website today to get acquainted with the candidates. If you do, come fall, when those election flyers are choking your mailbox, you can toss them in the recycle bin because you’re already in the know.

Gregg Rippy, Garfield County Chair