FAQ Delegates/Alternates

The most frequently asked question is “what should we wear?”

We may be standing in long lines waiting to be credentialed (sign in) and we will definitely be sitting for long periods at a time in our business meetings. For those who may not have attended district and state assemblies as delegates/alternate before ”comfort” is the word to keep in mind  when considering your attire.

Delegates/ alternates will be clustered together by county in assigned seating areas for STATE ASSEMBLY on Saturday. Often we are in the upper tiers of an event center so comfortable shoes designed for going up and down flights of steps would be preferable and  both gentlemen and ladies  should  perhaps consider wearing  modest trousers.

Thermostat controls are typically set at comfort level for nervous candidates and other working folks wearing suits and ties so one might want to consider taking a light weight jacket/sweater to wear inside the arena.

Red white and blue are traditionally  worn by all and candidate paraphernalia (stuff) is allow inside  i.e. small placards etc. Vendors will have GOP items for sale in the hallways. Some candidates will have a items available in their hospitality suites.

Be sure to have Carrie Couey’s cell phone #970-618-3668 and please BRING your CELL phone at credential (sign in) time we will need to be sure you are available for your district and state assemblies.

If you arrive late and the doors to your assembly business meeting  are closed you may enter and sit quietly  in the back. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should YOU stick out your hand taking a BALLOT AND VOTE if you HAVE NOT BEEN PROPERLY CREDENTIALED  (signed in).

If you have any question please feel free to contact any of the Garfield County Republican Central Committee Members

Either via email, on our Facebook page or phone