Welcome Garfield County Republicans

Garfield County Republicans are a diverse group of individuals representing people of all ages, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations. We encourage robust dialogue on a range of issues that affect residents within our county. Our mission is to restore the American Dream and win freedom for all by winning every seat that is up for election in Garfield County.

Our mission will be accomplished by addressing issues that matter to our constituents and providing solutions that make sense and have a positive impact on the people who reside in Garfield County.

With your help, Garfield County Republicans hope to:

  • Restore confidence in our election process at the local level through bi-partisan practices that offer accountability and transparency,
  • Create a thriving economy in Garfield County utilizing free-market principles,
  • Responsibly reboot our Western Slope energy industry,
  • Limit taxes to what is reasonable, providing for the common good without being onerous for county residents.

Help us make living, working, and raising a family in Garfield County better starting today. Support Garfield County Republicans by:

  • Volunteering your time,
  • Donating to support local candidates,
  • Participating in get-togethers, GOP luncheons and other events,
  • and of course, by Voting for all of our outstanding 2024 Republican candidates.


updated 2024

Lauren Boebert
Colorado U.S. Representative – 3rd Congressional District

Glen Gallegos
CU Regent – 3rd Congressional District

Heidi Ganahl
CU Regent At-Large

Stephen Varela
State Board of Education – 3rd Congressional District

Perry Will
Colorado State Senator – 5th Congressional District

Jefferson Cheney
District Attorney  – 9th Judicial District

Tom Jankovsky
Garfield County Commissioner – District 1

John Martin
Garfield County Commissioner – District 2

Mike Samson
Garfield County Commissioner – District 3

Carrie Couey
Garfield County Treasurer

Jackie Harmon
Garfield County Clerk & Recorder

Lou Vallario
Garfield County Sheriff

Rob Glassmire
Garfield County Coroner

Scott Aibner
Garfield County Surveyor