Tom Jankovsky

for Garfield County Commissioner District 1
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A third-generation Coloradoan, Tom Jankovsky has been a Garfield County resident since 1985 with extensive experience working in both the private and public sectors. A well-known face in the community, Tom was General Manager of Sunlight Mountain Resort from 1985 to 2018. Since then, he has served as Garfield County Commissioner and is seeking reelection in 2022.

Tom is as passionate about Garfield County as he is about skiing. As a businessperson and fiscal conservative, he supports a strong, diverse economy that improves the lives of everyone living in Garfield County. Top issues include common-sense policies for energy independence utilizing natural gas and clean energy alternatives to fuel not only our county but also aid our state and nation as energy prices continue to soar under democratic leadership. He also understands the importance of investing in and maintaining infrastructure systems that facilitate better access for citizens, emergency services and outdoor recreationists.

Looking ahead, Tom foresees housing as the county’s biggest hurdle. “Without attainable and affordable housing, we cannot maintain our workforce. We are currently in crisis with high-priced housing and a lack of inventory that makes it virtually impossible for individuals to live close to where they work,” Tom explained. “The solution will come from projects and partnerships that involve both private and public sectors. With inflation and high-interest rates driven by national events, we need to be both wise and creative regarding affordable housing regulations, ADU permits and assistance programs for first-time home buyers.”

Tom also points out that as the economy stumbles under democrats, our county Health and Human Services will need to be prepared to offer a safety net for citizens who are struggling with the basics of providing food and shelter for their families.

Despite the urgency of grappling with big issues like housing and energy, Tom is optimistic about the future, expecting Garfield County to continue to grow and thrive. He would like to see more businesses and jobs take root throughout the county enabling Garfield County to become more economically independent and less reliant on the economies of its neighbors.

Tom Jankovsky for Garfield County Commissioner : Leadership Roles

  • Garfield County Commissioner from 2011-2022
  • General Manager of Sunlight Mountain Resort 1985-2018
  • Chairman of the Glenwood Springs Resort Association
  • Chairman of the CO Ski Country Board of Directors
  • Secretary for the Sunlight Inc Board

Director/County Liaison on the following Boards and Commissions:

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Northwest Colorado Resource Advisory Council
  • Garfield Clean Energy Board
  • Garfield County Investment Advisory Board
  • Garfield County Human Services Commission
  • Garfield County Latino Community Commission
  • Vice Chair CDOT Intermountain Transportation Region
  • Chair Garfield County Economic Roundtable


  • Led Garfield County through and out of one recession and a pandemic
  • Supported energy policies that include natural gas and clean energy
  • Improved Garfield County-Rifle Airport, the third busiest general aviation airport in Colorado<
    and a hub for wildland fire fighting
  • Improved the Garfield County Fairgrounds and Garfield County Fair and Rodeo grounds
  • Expansion of the West Garfield County Landfill
  • Well maintained roads in unincorporated Garfield County with 1050-miles of roads and 50
  • New administration building in Rifle
  • Helped fund the Grand Avenue and 27th Street bridges in Glenwood as well as Midland Avenue
    roundabouts and reconstruction
  • Helped fund the ‘A Way Home’ Animal Shelter in Rifle
  • Funded the Grand Hogback and Parachute Area Transportation Service
  • Improved access to public lands including allowing OHV-use on designated county roads
  • Funded two boat ramps on the Colorado River
  • Funded mountain bike trails in New Castle, Rifle and South Canyon
  • Partnered on the Hardwick Bridge Trail
  • Funded the New Castle Trail to Appletree Park
  • Built the parking lot and access to the Red Mountain trails in Carbondale
  • Updated the Garfield County land use code and the Federal Lands and Natural Resource Plan
  • Balanced budget while maintaining large reserves
  • Adequately funded the Sheriff and DA
  • No increase to the tax mill levy