2022 Colorado Propositions

Colorado Ballot Measures

Amendment D: NEUTRAL – Twenty-Third Judicial District Amendment
Requires the Governor to designate judges from the 18th judicial district to serve in the newly created 23rd judicial district, bypassing the usual nominating commission process that constituents get to use to help select their own judges.
Those who want constituents to maintain the right to help select their own judges may wish to vote no; those who want a smooth, quick transition to help cases move through the criminal system faster after the creation of a new judicial district may wish to vote yes.

Amendment E: SUPPORT – Homestead Exemption to Surviving Spouses of U.S. Armed Forces Members and Veterans Amendment
Extends an existing homestead exemption for disabled veterans to Gold Star spouses of deceased military personnel and certain veterans and reduces taxes for some families of those who served our nation.

Amendment F: NEUTRAL – Charitable Gaming Amendment
Allows the operators and managers of charitable gaming activities to be paid and allows the legislature to determine how long an organization must exists to obtain a charitable gaming license
Those who oppose all forms of gambling and do not believe it is healthy for society may wish to vote no; those who believe the government should not regulate how charitable organizations fundraise may wish to vote yes.

Prop FF: OPPOSE – Reduce Income Tax Deduction Amounts to Fund School Meals Program Measure
Takes away the state income tax deduction for certain charitable givers; creates and funds a government program to pay for school lunches for all children in Colorado public schools. Raises taxes by $100,000,000. When Hawaii passed a similar law, charitable giving in the state fell by 20%.

Prop GG: OPPOSE – Include Income Tax Effects in Initiative Ballot Language Measure
Requires the state ballot to include a fiscal summary written by potentially biased government staffers for any citizen ballot initiative. This is designed to allow liberal government employees to claim that any conservative ballot measure cuts state funding in education or healthcare – basically any argument they can manufacture to campaign against the initiative – and place it directly on the ballot.

Prop 121: SUPPORT – State Income Tax Rate Reduction Initiative
Reduces the state income tax rate from 4.55% to 4.40%.

Prop 122: OPPOSE — Decriminalization and Regulated Access Program for Certain Psychedelic Plants and Fungi Initiative
Legalizes psychedelic mushrooms, despite the fact that Colorado is currently ravaged by drug use, is #1 in the nation for cocaine use, and is #2 in the nation for increase in fentanyl overdose deaths.

Prop 123: OPPOSE – Dedicates Revenues to Fund Housing Projects Initiative
Takes away $300 million of the TABOR refund away each year from taxpayers to allow the government to fund housing projects, without any guarantee that the money will stay in the housing project after one year. Fails to solve Colorado’s housing crisis or get to the core problems causing the crisis.

Prop 124, 125, and 126: NEUTRAL – Liquor Related Initiatives
Increases the number of liquor store licenses and individual may own, creates a new license for grocery stores to sell win, and allows retail establishments licenses to sell alcohol to also deliver the alcohol.
Those voting from a free market perspective may wish to vote yes to increase more avenues for business; those voting from a pro-small business perspective may wish to vote yes on Prop 124 and 126, but no on Prop 125, and those who believe increased alcohol consumption is not healthy for society may wish to vote no on all three.