Garfield County GOP Luncheon Glenwood Springs

Speaker:  The monthly Glenwood Springs Luncheon will feature Jim Yellico, our Garfield County Assessor.  After nearly 4 years on the job, Jim  has learned about the issues that impact property assessments and the importance of oil and gas valuation to the county budget.  Come on out to Vic’s Rt 6 in West Glenwood, and have a great lunch with your Republican friends.

Colorado GOP State Assembly News


Agenda ~ Garfield County Republican Party Assembly
15 March 2014 ~ Glenwood Springs High School

Please click on link above to see the complete agenda for this assembly.

Town Hall Meeting With State Representative Bob Rankin

As you may have heard, Amy Stephens has stepped down in her bid for Senator Udall’s seat as Representative Cory Gardner entered the race yesterday. Read More

Rep. Bob Rankin Will Host A Town Hall Meeting

Representative Bob Rankin will holding a Town Hall Meeting to touch base with your local Colorado State Representative and hear what is going on in the Capital.

Republican Caucus Locations Map

Preregister For Your Caucus

Garfield County Precinct Locations

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