Apr 28

Parking Instructions for Freedom Dinner

As you know parking at the Hotel Colorado is extremely limited with this in mind, the Hot Springs Pool is generously allowing our guest to park in their parking lot “A”  their parking lot on the old Big Horn Toyota site, 152 W. 6th Street (if you click on the link it will bring up google map.

We (the Garfield County Republicans) will have a volunteer posted at the bottom of the ramp into Lot A to assist each driver on arrival and direct them to the very back of our lot, past the end of our building.this lot.

The Hotel Colorado van will pick up and drop off at the back of the lot and proceed through our lot a low speed due to the potential pedestrian/vehicle conflicts, especially in low light conditions.

We ask our guests to not to use The Hoppers (The Pools shuttle system) either from Lot A or from the event back to Lot A.

We are also encouraging all of our guests to car pool and not to use any of our guest lots located around the lodge or pool (we will have attendants at those locations).

Please note that Lot A will be locked at 11:00 PM. So please make sure your vehicle is removed from this lot before 11:00 PM.