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Elected Officials Links

President Donald Trump (R)

(202) 456-1111 – email

Senator Michael Bennett (D)

(202) 224-5852 – email

Senator Cory Gardner

(303)-7391-5777 – email

Tipton, Scott, (R) Colorado, 3rd

 (202) 225-4761 email


State of Colorado

Governor Jared Polis (D)

(303) 866-2885 contact

Attorney General Phil Weiser (D)


Treasurer Dave Young (D)

(303) 866-2441 email

SOS Jena Griswold (D)

303-894-2200 contact

Joyce Rankin (R) Colorado State Board of Education
3rd Congressional District

Phone: 303-866-6817
Fax: 303-830-0793    email

Glen Gallegos (R) University of Colorado Board of Regents
3rd Congressional District

Bob Rankin (R)Colorado 8 Senate District


Perry Will (R)Colorado House District 57

Garfield County

Sheriff Lou Vallario (R)

970- 945-1408  email

Commissioner John Martin (R)

970-945-5004 x1010 email

Commissioner Mike Samson (R)

970-625-5914  email

Commissioner Tom Jankovsky (R)

 970-384-3665  email

Assessor Jim Yellico (R)

970-945-9134  email

Surveyor Scott Aibner (R)

970-625-9949 email

Coroner Rob Glassmire (R)

970-665-6335 email